12 year old girl can SEE without her eyes!

12 year old girl can SEE without her eyes

A young woman named Ma Nithya Maheshwarananda amazed an audience this week by reading with a blindfold covering her eyes- a skill she says she gained by opening herthird eye.

Maheshwarandanda saysshe had a third eye awakening about a year ago while attending a school whichimparted knowledge of the vedic sciences as well as mainstream curriculum.Maheshwarananda is only 12 years old but was able to accurately read variouswritten messages including a flyer, a business card and an article.

A photographer fromthe Rotorua daily post as well as other people present at the reading testedout the blindfold themselves and verified that it was impossible to see throughthe blindfold in any direction. Participantsand audience members were awed as the 12 year old girl did what is commonlyconsidered impossible in reading things she couldn’t see with her physicaleyes.

The demonstration wasfacilitated by the Rotorua Life Bliss Foundation group at the Waiariki Insituteof technology as a way to educate the people on the possibilities of anawakened third eye. Though there werenaysayers.

A member of anorganization called New Zealand Sceptic Incorporated (yes, this is seriously areal committee) expressed that he and the organization were in the business oftrying to seek ‘rational’ explanations of unusual phenomena before jumping believing‘such claims’. “I don’t know whatpeople saw or whether it seems to be miraculous or not but there have been manyillusionists and magicians who appear to do things that are miraculous butdon’t claim that it’s supernatural,” Mr Garratt said.

Interestingly though, the metaphysicalcapabilities of a healthy functioning third eye center are not ‘irrational’ butmerely poorly understood by the general scientific community in our society. Our ancestors across the globe had in depthunderstanding of the third eye as it was a chakra center as well as beingassociated with the pineal gland. Thechakras themselves have been and are more and more so being explored andvalidated using modern empirical scientific methods (if you want to learn moreabout this check out the work of Barbara Ann Brennan with UCLA or her bookWheels of Light). The chakras, alsocalled different names and understood in culturally different way by various peoplegroups are not necessarily considered ‘supernatural’ by the ancient systems ofmedicine, healing, and esoteric healing which understand the spiritual sciencethat expresses the energies, abilities, and capabilities that transcend beyondour physical senses.

Indeed, it is known by many that ourearliest ancestors lived in different dimensional states and were fully capable of expressingwhat are the natural abilities of the third eye and the non-calcified pinealgland which include telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

LifeBliss New Zealand member Barbara Hock describes her typical response toskeptics saying,.

“If you don’t believe it, just try a meditation first. Ifit feels good and you like it,try some more.

“Everyone has the ability to have their third eye awakenedbut those sceptics who are so adamant that it’s a lie and need to provethemselves to be right may not be able to experience it.”

She said she had attended the three-week programme.

“I can read while blindfolded but if I am put on the spotor feel too much pressure, I can’t do it, I need to practise more to be able toblock out those insecurities and baggage.”

Sources: nzherald.co.nz


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