800lb alligator dubbed ‘Godzilla’ found outside shopping centre

Meet Godzilla – the 800lb alligator that was found wandering about behind a shopping centre.

The gator – which is almost completely blind – was found in the carpark of Sugar Land in Houston, Texas.

In the video, which you can watch below, the beast is seen snapping and growling, as Christy Kroboth, a licensed ‘nuisance alligator trapper’, heroically subdues him.

Kroboth, who looks totally assured as she tackles the 12-foot long reptile, ties its mouth with pink tape and covers its eyes with a fetching scarf.

Police were called to help remove it – and a forklift from the local home depot store was even borrowed given its sheer size.

It has now been taken to a gator reserve to live out its days

Several owners of shops in the area took to social media to share the story.

Whitney Morrow Hairdressing said: “I feel bad, but after this guy told me he hated his haircut, I had to have him thrown out of the salon. (Seriously, this is behind my salon!)”

Kroboth has since become a bit of an internet phenomenon (and has been subject to some patronising news reports).

“They kind of doubt me at first until I get ’em taped up and ready to go,” she is reported to have said after capturing Godzilla.

“He’ll probably just live out the rest of his life and have girlfriends and make babies and be fed every day. He’ll be a happy gator,” she told ABC 13.

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