Beaming Donkey Smiles With Delight After Being Rescued From Flood

Donkey smiles after rescue

This is moment a donkey gave rescuers a glorious smile after finally being rescued from a dangerous flood.

Mike had found himself stuck in mud after the heavens opened in Kerry, Ireland, and his chances of survival were looking slim.

However, eyewitnesses noticed the poor animal stranded in the water and contacted the Animal Heaven Rescue Centre for help.

They posted on their Facebook page: “Code red. Today’s emergency. Please help me.

Got him: The rescuers manage to pull Mike in to safety (Facebook/Animal Heaven Rescue Centre)

“There is a donkey stranded in deep flooding in Kilorglin. I need a boat and men to help.

“I have ropes etc. Please get me help.”

Help soon came as residents rushed to rescue Mike, who was in danger of dying from the flood.

But with ropes, a lifesaving rubber ring and sheer determination, rescuers managed to pull Mike to safety – and he rewarded them with a grateful smile.

Success: A grateful Mike recovers from his ordeal (Facebook/Animal Heaven Rescue Centre)

Posting an update confirming the rescue of the animal, the centre wrote: “He is now dried with towels, eating a hot mash, all cozy and warm and our vet has seen him and started him on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia.

“He has a small bit of fluid in one lung but our vet said he will recover. All he needs is loads of TLC.”

They added: “We loved every moment saving Mike and I think I speak for all of us, he was so worth the danger just to see his little face on dry land.”

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