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Boxychan Review
Boxychan Review

Boxychan Review Prepare to be surprised

By now if you have not heard about subscription boxes, and the convenience of a monthly subscription to your favorite products or services then you have lived under an internet rock. Our friends over at Boxychan have taken the subscription box service to a whole new level by providing outstanding monthly mystery themed boxes. What does this mean exactly? Well let us explain.

Boxychan provides 21 different themes available for subscription, each with it own mystery to the theme. You simply select the themes that are most interesting to you, and await your mystery delivery. That being said this is just a general overview, what we want to do now, is share our Boxychan Review experience with you, and what we received in our monthly box.

One could say I am a sucker for anything transformer related, and as you probably already noticed in the article image, I couldn’t help but indulge in a transformers themed box. We didn’t expect to receive as much merchandise as we did in this box. Lets check out what we got in this delivery!

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Each item in our mystery box, had an awesome twist of uniqueness, going into the review even before we received the subscription box, we had wondered how they would supply a diverse amount of products within only one theme, without being repetitive. But we believe, in this case, that Boxychan nailed it.

Lets begin with the hands on toys. We received a Lego figure of Optimus Prime; an awesome Bumblebee transformer that turns into a functional toy car; Transformers construct bots, we actually got Dead End, you build him from 47 pieces in two different modes.

Next we were happily surprised with some Transformers sweat bands with a cool Transformer purple logo on them, an Optimus Prime magnet, a stuffed Transformers character about 6 inches in height, and last but not least a Transformers mini comic book.

One thing we can say about Boxychan, is the value for what you pay is there, we have seen several subscription boxes that are often filled with useless materials, to make it look like you got your moneys worth. With Boxychan you literally get what you pay for, and the best part of it all is the element of surprise.

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For the super fan, or even for a birthday gift, you can’t go wrong with any of these themed boxes. There is something for everyone, from Hello Kitty to Walking Dead, the themes that are available are not just for kids. There is guaranteed to be something that everyone will like.

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