Brick-throwing monkeys kill Indian priest

Monkeys kill Indian Priest

Brick-throwing monkeys kill Indian priest

An Indian priest who stepped outside to sweep his doorstep was killed by monkeys who dropped bricks on him.

Munna Mishra died Monday in Patna, a city in northeastern India, according to local reports.

The monkeys were playing on the terrace and pelted Mishra with bricks when they noticed him below. He was rushed to hospital, where he later died.

Mishra was apparently the latest victim of attacks from simian monkeys in the area.

Two others have reportedly died from the animals’ antics in recent weeks.

“They not only snatch vegetable bags from the hands of people, but also bite them,” Jeetendra Singh told India Today. “Some school children have also become their target.”

People are concerned and police have pledged to call in wildlife officials to round up the monkeys and take them to a nearby nature reserve.



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