Why Canada is banning microbeads

November 25, 2015 Roberta Leung 0

Why Canada is banning microbeads We all want clean teeth. And hey, if we could scrub off a few of those laugh lines, who wouldn’t? But do you know what’s in some of those drugstore products […]


Montreal Teen Undergoes Groundbreaking Surgery

November 21, 2015 Sarah 0

A Montreal teenager born without the ability to hear from one ear just became the first patient in North America to have groundbreaking surgery to implant a bone-anchored hearing aid. Karina Theoret, 15, was awake for the whole surgery using […]


Comet Oxygen Discovery stumps astronomers

November 19, 2015 Sean R 0

Comet Oxygen Discovery Astronomers recently announced a discovery that has sent the scientific community for a loop, and it all has to do with finding oxygen on a mountain-sized dirty snowball millions of miles from […]


Toxic, invasive weed hits southern Ontario

November 8, 2015 Sean R 0

OTTAWA (CBC) – Biologists and health officials in southern Ontario are scrambling to contain an invasive plant that can cause blindness and severe burns. Heracleum mantegazzianum, or giant hogweed, is a poisonous plant most recently […]

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