Coast to Coast Coffee Review

Coast to Coast Coffee review
coast to coast coffee review

Coast to Coast Coffee Review

It seems like almost every other day we read yet another article, where a new study has found another benefit of drinking coffee. Today we focus on our Coast to Coast Coffee Review. If you consider the fact that coffee is a $81 Billion dollar a year industry, then you won’t be surprised to read a review from us on a Canadian roasting company called Coast to Coast Coffee.

Short Background on Coast to Coast Roasters

Coast to Coast Coffee is Canadian local roaster. Wherever you happen to live in this great country, they want to supply you with the world’s best coffee. Organic, Fair Trade and freshly roasted in small batches, they will deliver amazing coffee right to your mailbox. Best of all, the shipping cost (including tax) is included in the price you see listed, so no surprise extra charges! Delicious, convenient and most importantly, affordable!

You can order 1 time supplies of beans, or a subscription model giving you fresh bags of coffee every week. You are also able to pause your subscription at anytime if you are going away on vacation or when your coffee stash doesn’t need a refresh. Best of all, there are no hidden charges, and a great amount of different flavors to choose from.

We got in contact with Coast to Coast Coffee so we could get our hands on these tasty beans,  to try out a few of their delicious blends. I can speak for myself when I say I am an avid coffee drinker, I always have a morning coffee, and frequently partake in local brewers beans, as well as specialized coffee shops. But don’t just take my word for it, because we have such a good base of subscribers, we reached out to a few of our contacts, to get more then one perspective on the beans. Enough of my rambling lets get right down to the nitty gritty, the coffee.

The Goods

As you may have already noticed by our article photo, we received 3 different bags of beans, Mexico Chiapas, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and Superior Dark, all of which are very different in flavor. We can’t tell you which is better, or what coffee bean had the better roast. What we can tell you is a general overview of the different tastes, flavors we noticed, and our own opinion on the coffee.

As individuals who drink coffee daily and who would choose a dark roast over a light roast coffee we are by no means coffee connoisseurs. However this is how we would describe each of the three different varieties of coffee beans;

ETHIOPIAN Yirgacheffe – Flat, soft taste. Mildly bland. heavy body, earthy, slightly bitter.
MEXICO Chipas – light body, high acidity, chicory taste (needed some sweetness).
SUPERIOR Dark – sweet, dark, hints of chocolate, light body, low acidity, flavorful.

Keep the following in mind if you are interested in trying out coast to coast coffee. There are several other flavors to choose from, 9 to be exact! When you visit the website, you can easily navigate through the process of ordering, and are given simple notes on what each blend is like. Of course, only you know what you like, but it is easy to say that dealing with Coast to Coast coffee is not only simple and easy, it is also an absolute pleasure! Not only are they concerned with the happiness of their consumers, but they also take great care in providing a greener way of shipping these lovely beans(or grinds) to you! By using 100% recyclable cardboard, and biodegradable plastic box lining, they have also considered the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills. You can’t possibly beat a Canadian made company that not only looks after its customers, but also looks after its surrounding habitats!


Are you interested in trying coast to coast coffee?

Coast to Coast coffee

Coast to Coast Coffee Review
  • Bean flavor
  • Packaging
  • Customer Service
  • Bean Variety


You can’t possibly beat a Canadian made company that not only looks after its customers, but also looks after its surrounding habitats!

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