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Best Healthy Cold Pressed Juice Calgary

Cold Pressed Juice Calgary

Cold Pressed Juice Calgary. Today we ventured off into raw juices that are cold pressed and actually made in Calgary by a company called Well Juicery. We purchased the carrot, apple, beet, lemon, and ginger flavor from a local coffee shop called Phil and Sebastians on 4th Avenue in Mission.
Luckily the product was nice and easy to find sitting right next to the cash register in an ice cooler. When we reached the counter we saw a price tag on the bottle at a whopping $9.50 CAD, which in comparison to other competitors in this space who squeeze fresh on the spot such as Jugo Juice and Booster Juice this price tag is quite a bit higher.

The packaging for well juicery comes in a clear bottle, with very easy to read flavors. Our pick for the day was based purely on color as the red stood out to us in the iced display at the counter.

The taste is actually very good given how powerful beets can be in a drink. The ginger flavor in the drink does neutralize the strong taste of beets. The apple and carrot in the drink is a great way to cut the other two flavors by giving them a  sweet taste.

Cold Pressed Juice: Well Juicery

As for shelf life don’t expect this product to sit in your fridge for weeks. The juices in the product are fresh raw and unpasteurized giving this product less then a week of fridge time. Our particular bottle actually expires in 5 days.

If you can afford to throw $10 dollars at a drink we would recommend trying the Well juicery cold pressed juice, however this can easily add up if you want to continue drinking this daily.

Interested in this product? To find out more on the company or to order your juice online visit their website at:

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