Couple Shocked After Massive Hole Appears In Their Garden – With STAIRS

Massive Hole Appears

A couple were stunned when a Massive Hole Appears suddenly, opened up in their garden – with stairs leading into the darkness below.

Emma James was mowing the grass on her front lawn when the two metre deep hole suddenly appeared.

Rusty steps can be seen in the hole but Emma and husband Kevin have no idea how the hole emerged or where it leads to as it is currently too small to squeeze into.

The couple contacted the company who built the house in 1984 but they so far have no answers.

Emma, 45, said: “It is really odd as there are steps which lead down but we don’t know what to and there was no lid or cover on it.

“We first thought it had a metal casing but there is concrete down there with metal steps.

Massive Hole Appears

Baffling: Inside the giant hole. (SWNS)

“It just seems as though it has been forgotten about but there must be a planning record somewhere to explain what it is.

“We just want someone to come out and tell us what it is so we can sort it out – I don’t want to just leave a hole in my front lawn.

“I don’t want to fill it in in case there is something historic down there but it could just be a septic tank or something.

“It’s just a mystery at the moment.”

School teaching assistant Emma, who has lived in the house for eight years, said she did notice a dip in the grass in November last year.

Kevin has contacted the local council and utility companies but no-one is claiming responsibility for the hole.

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