Minnesota couple drops $500,000 cheque in Salvation Army kettle

Minnesota couple drops $500,000 cheque in Salvation Army kettle

MINNEAPOLIS – A Minnesota couple who lived on discarded food when they first got married dropped a $500,000 personal cheque into one of the organization’s red kettles at a suburban grocery store over the weekend, the group said on Monday.

“The cheque did clear and was deposited in the bank,” spokeswoman Julie Borgen said. “They feel very strongly about the gift being anonymous.” It was the largest single donation ever to the Salvation Army in the Twin Cities.

The donors told the Salvation Army they had relied on discarded food from a local grocery store as a young couple and could afford today to help others.

They also wanted to honour one of their fathers who served in World War One and had been grateful for coffee and doughnuts the Salvation Army had provided soldiers, the group said in a statement.

“You get to a point in life where it’s time to take care of others, the way you were taken care of,” the donors said.

The cheque was placed in a kettle Saturday at a grocery store in Rosemount, Minnesota. The Salvation Army did not identify the couple or give any details about them. Borgen said only that they were not from Rosemount.

The previous biggest donation to the Twin Cities Salvation Army was $25,000.

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