Ontario brothers take amazing eagle selfie after saving a bald eagle

Eagle Selfie

Two Canadians are taking the internet by storm after posing with an unlikely selfie participant last week.

The men, brothers from Sudbury, Ont., were out on a hunting trip when they spotted several ravens circling the skies above them, according to the CBC.

After moving towards where they were circling, Neil and Michael Fletcher spotted the king of the Canadian skies, a bald eagle, with its foot stuck in a trap.

“It was relieving to see that it was still alive,” Neil told the public broadcaster. “I knew we had to do something right away.”

“The bird was pretty calm,” his brother Michael told BuzzFeed Canada. “It was probably tired from trying to fight the trap.”

Despite the relative calm, Michael said he took off his jacket to drape it over the eagle’s head in hopes of keeping it that way as they tried to free it from the trap.

After a few tries, success – now time for a selfie.

“I knew this would never happen again, so before we let it go, I told my brother Michael, ‘we should take a picture with it.’ The bird had its mouth open, but he never tried to fly or bite or do anything,” Neil told the CBC. “It made it pretty easy [for us to] take a picture with it.”

Even with two Canadians in it, the eagle’s pure white head feathers, sharp yellow beak, intense glare and open mouth make you stare back and think, ‘that’s some American freedom right there.’

Still, It’s an experience the brothers say they’ll never forget. You can see video of them releasing the bird here.

“Me and my brother, we’ve always been in the bush, always been hunters. And we’ve always had a lot of respect for bald eagles,” Neil told the CBC. “We were just really amazed— and still are.”

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