Polish cyclist shockingly drives into path of high-speed train and survives

Polish cyclist shockingly drives into path of high-speed train

A Polish cyclist sped into the path of a high-speed train and incredibly survived with only minor injuries. Remarkable video footage released by Poland’s national railway company shows the cyclist pass a lowered barrier, and cycle right up to the railway track. Just as the bike appears to touch the track, a Pendolino locomotive – which can reach speeds of 180mph – whizzes past. In it’s wake, the 26-year-old cyclist can be seen lying motionless at the side of the track. The footage, taken near the southern Polish town of Opole, then moves immediately to show the incident from the other side of the train. This angle shows how the cyclist is dramatically flung into the air, spinning and crashing to the ground. His body appears to be lifeless – but the man, who has not been named, survived. The incident happened on November 5 but was released by the national railway company, Polskie Koleje Panstwowe, on Wednesday as a “lesson in how not to cross the tracks”. “It’s important for all road users, not matter what their means of transport, to take special care at level crossings,” said Miroslaw Siemieniec, a company spokesman. (7News)

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