Razor Blade Club Review: The Canadian Shaving Club

Razor Blade Club

Razor Blade Club Review

We all know just how important a good razor is. Even more so, most of us are aware of the heavy price tag that comes with good quality, name brand razors. We ventured out into the wonderful web and found a Canadian shaving club called Razor Blade Club. If you are not already familiar with how subscription boxes work, allow us to give you a quick run through. There are thousands of companies out there that provide consumers the ability to subscribe to their monthly products. Some companies send you random surprises within a certain topic, such as pet toys, or geeky equipment,  while others send you something specific like socks, or, for the sake of this review, Razors. Then each month you are billed and shipped your next batch of the “subscribed” product.

[blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Sean R”]This is why most of us usually turn to the high end brands and end up paying a small fortune for replacement cartridges.[/blockquote]

If you shave on a regular basis either for work, sports or just because you like to keep well groomed, then you understand the importance of a good clean shave. Myself, personally, I have skin that doesn’t react well with most razors, especially if I go over areas more then once. It usually results in  horrible razor burn. What’s worse is these razor burns are more common with the cheaper brand razors out there. This is why most of us usually turn to the high end brands and end up paying a small fortune for replacement cartridges. What we wanted to achieve in this review is to give an honest comparison on a product that only costs $5 a month verses the big name brands out there.



You will receive a small, white envelope containing your new shaving gear; nothing more nothing less. It’s just big enough to hold the cartridges and shaving handle. This isn’t your typical subscription box that will come with tissue paper and where presentation is a key focus. You are here to get your gear for cheap and start saving money. That being said we were disappointed to not see some good company branding, instead the envelope was plain with a sticker on it.

The Product:

Razor Blade Club
Razor Blade Club

As we mentioned before, you will receive a Shaving handle with 4 triple blades, which basically gives you a blade a week. We took our time on this review, as we wanted to really give this razor a try and compare it to the leading name brand razors available today. The razors handle is durable and comparable in weight to most higher end brands.  The blades are easy to replace, giving you a new clean blade to start off each week.


The Shave:

We found the blades to be sharp on the first shave, and even into our second shave the blades still felt new. At about the third shave you can start to tell we have worn the blades slightly, however at this point we are only a shave or two away from the week’s end and a new blade replacement. The blades cut close as you would expect from a triple blade razor, and we didn’t notice any skin irritation that you might sometimes find in the lower end disposable brands.

Final Thoughts

Overall we were satisfied with the product and felt we received value for the price point the Razor Blade Club charges. The company’s site looks like it could use a face lift. We found several grammar issues, duplicated words, and overall a confusing set of menu items. We also got a vibe from the website like it targets men only from the layout and the razor look and feel. That’s not to say women can’t use the razors.

Have you had an experience with the Razor Blade Club? Be sure to use our user rating and tell us your comments below.

Interested in trying out the Razor Blade Club? Join here: Click Here to join

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