DIY Stitch People and Farm Animals – Review

review of diy stitch people and farm animals

Review of DIY Stitch People and Farm Animals

created by Elizabeth “Lizzy” Dabczynski-Bean of

Cross-Stitch has been given a breath of fresh air thanks to Elizabeth “Lizzy” Dabczynski­-Bean, the founder of Stitch People. I spent the last few weeks giving her “DIY Stitch People” and “Farm Animals” cross-stitch ebooks a whirl.

The DIY Stitch People book allows the reader to create custom cross stitch patterns to design a family portrait that truly reflects each person. Lizzy, the author and creator, high recommends reading everything first, which after scanning through the first few pages made sense. She goes into great detail for how to best make use of the book, cross stitch techniques, and pre-planning and layout to make sure the finished product turns out great.

I took my time, reading and re-reading the material until I felt comfortable to get started. Next came the planning stage, I had a picture that I used as reference to create my pattern. There are so many variations of people to choose from, from hairstyles, clothing and accessories – I changed my mind so many times. It’s hard to believe that one person can be so meticulous to create each one of these sample people patterns glucophage xr cena. Truly – this book must have taken a huge amount of time to create – there are so many fine details to take you from start to finish.

After finally creating my pattern (pages are provided to draw out your characters which I found really helpful) I was ready to get started. I have to admit – I am very slow at cross stitch but found it nice and relaxing after a busy day with the kids.

I am still making my way through the project – but I am glad that I’ll be able to include everyone. The book offers designs for every age – from infant to elder, and doesn’t forget the fur-babies either. Also included are a variety of cross-stitch alphabets to use to complete your project. There is also supplemental materials to have even more fun – let’s just say there are mermaid tails involved.

Her second book “Farm Animals” is a great addition and features some really cute ideas. It doesn’t include the “how-to” section so I would suggest purchasing this one in addition to the DIY Stitch People book if you are starting out. But for all the animal lovers out there $1 from each copy of this book will be donated to THE BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY.

Overall, this collection is perfect for anyone who wants to make something different with cross-stitch. At the end of each book is an inspiration gallery. The possibilities are endless. The price is definitely worth what you get. The DIY book is a guide that you can use over and over and the value is there. Same goes with the Farm Animals Book. I would recommend paying the little bit extra and going for a printed version. I ended up printing out a lot of the pages because jumping from the computer to stitching and referencing back to the book on the screen was a bit of a pain. The best part is the amount of fun you can have!! You aren’t limited by stuck to just one pattern – you can create anything your imagination throws at you.

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DIY Stitch People Review
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