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Samsung Complaint & Consumer Complaints Go Unnoticed

In this world you can have a handheld device that people can call you on, text anyone in the world, email, check weather, play games, catch up with friends and family on Facebook, or even research a product you plan to purchase. But what if this device fails you? What if you can no longer rely on this same device to do something as simple as receive a call? It wasn’t until I had problems with my brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, that I realized just how important customer service can be, especially when you are dealing with your only form of telephone communication. But what happens when your service doesn’t go the way you expected, and you place a Samsung Complaint?

samsung consumer complaintsMost of us these days rely heavily on our mobile phones and home phones are slowly becoming a thing of the past. About 6 months ago, in the summer of 2015 I fell for the hype of the latest mobile device Samsung had released called the Galaxy S6 Edge. At that time reviews stated the phone was the fastest mobile device made to date, and boasted the most spectacular display ever put into a mobile handset.

Lucky for me, my contract with my carrier was up for renewal, and I was able to get a small discount off the handset if I locked myself into another 2 year term.

Everything seemed to be off to a great start, the phone felt great, it responded quickly to launching of new applications, multi-tasking became easy to do, and I was able to import all my contacts from the cloud. Within a short period of time I had my favorite apps installed, and I had the phone functioning exactly how I needed it. However this joy ended up being very short lived.

Within the first month I had noticed the battery was draining at a far more rapid pace then when the device was new and fresh out of the box. After a several Google searches and browsing through forums I began to realize, I was not the only Samsung owner with this problem. In fact googling “Samsung Galaxy poor battery” gave me thousands of results, yet the phone had only been out for a few months. I tried all the tips owners had claimed helped them with very little success. Eventually I chalked this up as a loss and figured this is just the way this phone is going to be. If you are wondering how poor my battery life really was, simply carrying the phone with me in the morning and not using it at all, I could drain up to 20% of its battery life.

Samsung Charging Pad
Samsung Charging Pad

To combat this inconvenient set of circumstances I decided my next best course of action was to buy a wireless Samsung charging pad for my desk at work. This way I could rest the phone on the charging pad and have it at least keep the charge I had by the time I got to work. What I started to notice was, not only was the pad very picky about where you place the phone, but it actually could  not put out enough charge to keep the battery up if you were using the phone. That being said, I was happy if I could leave work with 50% battery life or more. Typically I was able to achieve this by leaving it on the charging pad as often as I could.

A few months had passed, and I was sitting in the back yard with the Misses enjoying the beautiful summer day, when a good friend of ours had come through the back gate for a visit. Knowing this is strange behavior for anyone we know, I had questioned her why on earth she had walked around to come to the back gate. She explained she had texted me and called me on my Samsung phone and instantly got my voicemail. I looked down at my phone sitting right in front of me with no new text message or missed calls notifications. Yet my signal was showing full and my phone appeared to be functional. After some careful research and several calls with my carrier Fido, I had finally found out, an update was pushed out to the devices that had broken the devices to the point where calls and texts would be dropped or severely delayed. After months of calls and complaints to Fido, I had finally received a text saying the vendor had issued a patch to fix the problem, and they apologized for the long delay waiting for the fixed firmware. I quickly applied the update and figured this is finally going to be the end of a several month long battle. Only to find out this was just the start.

Once I realized the latest firmware update had not helped my phone whatsoever, I jumped back on the phone and called my carrier to complain. At this point Fido had advised me to send my handset away for repair by contacting Samsung directly. I called the Samsung Support Number: 1 (800) 726-7864 and had explained both of my problems thoroughly with the support representative, explaining all the troubleshooting I had done, that I had restored my phone to factory settings, I had cleared out my cache, I had uninstalled any applications I was not using, yet my phone was still burning battery like no tomorrow and it was rare I would get a phone call or receive a text without a serious delay. They created me a ticket and emailed me a FedEx Shipping label and had asked me to send the device to the Vancouver repair depot. They assured me the entire process would not take longer then two weeks. Now I don’t know about you, but even at 2 weeks of having your only telecommunication device being repaired puts you in place where you either have to go to your Carrier to get a temporary phone or you hope you have an old handset you can use. Lucky for me the latter was the case.

Two weeks had passed, and I had not heard a single peep out of Samsung, or the repair depot. Curious to find out exactly how long until I get my phone back I had phoned Samsung for an update only to be greeted by an individual who struggled with the English language. I couldn’t understand him, he couldn’t understand me and after a 15 minute phone battle I had learned there was a delay in my repair and I would be receiving my device back either the end of that week or early next week. Interestingly enough within the next day or two I received an email from Samsung. Excited to see this whole ordeal finally come to a close I opened the email to find the following message:

samsung complaint
Samsung Complaint Customer Service Email

Given my concern, I quickly called to find out what on earth happened to my device. How is it possible I was to receive my phone back within the next few days, and now I am getting an email that my repair request had been canceled?

Once again I pick up the phone to talk to Samsung to be greeted by yet another person who could not speak English at all. We struggled back and forth about what was going on with my device, and after several holds and apologies she had informed me that she did finally track my phone down and she learned that it was damaged and I needed to phone the repair depot. I replied to her “First of all , my phone was in mint condition when it was sent away, as it has been it a case since day one. Secondly, why am I having to call a third party when I had created my repair with Samsung directly?” After receiving no help from the support representative, I had asked to speak with her manager.  She had placed me on hold and I had waiting for around 10 minutes before she came back to tell me “My manager is too busy, I will transfer you to customer care for your Samsung complaint.”

Just so you are aware I have now been on the phone for over 40 minutes and I am on hold again to speak to someone from customer care, finally a representative from that department answers and I begin to explain my entire story of this phone and my deep concern that now it’s been damaged and I want to know who is responsible for this. I am not interested in calling the repair depot as this is not the condition my phone was sent out in. This gentlemen also with a very strong accent did speak English better and said he would call the repair depot. Once he came back from placing me on hold and I am well into 1 hour on the phone with support he tells em the depot did not answer and he will contact them and get back to me.

Days go by with no calls from Samsung support or from the repair depot. Finally I had remembered I wrote down the number to the repair depot. I managed to dig up the post it note I wrote in on and proceeded to call them. A man answers by saying hello, I had explained to him this entire situation again, and he says they never got a phone or the support ticket number I was quoting. He asked to give him some time to dig into it and said he would return my call. Later that day he said they had found my phone and it was misplaced and they would repair it and send it out as soon as possible.

We are now almost 1 month into a repair that was supposed to be 2 weeks maximum, and I am furious. In a fit of anger I headed out to the internet and started to google random terms for a place I can place a Samsung complaint. I felt like the executives or the higher customer service reps needed to hear this story and all that I have gone through. Knowing several of my friends and family around me who own Apple devices are able to take a device that is under warranty to an Apple store and get  replacements on the spot.

After a little digging I had learned I am not the only one out there who has experienced horrible Samsung support and customer service. There are thousands of people out there who have made a Samsung complaint about the exact same thing, but after a little searching I had found an article that contained the email to the President of Samsung. If you want to make a Samsung complaint use this E-mail: I sent off an e-mail with the title: “Horrible Customer service”  and wrote about what a terrible experience I am having with Samsung support. I received a phone call the very same day from a Lady who said “This is Ester from the Office of the President of Samsung.”

I’ll be honest, at this point I had finally felt I had made contact with someone who can help me Samsung complaint, or at least make this situation right, after all I am now approaching a month with no phone, and I still don’t see the end of this ordeal. I explained to her all my frustrations, and where I am at with this Support ticket, and she advised me I should call the repair depot again and see if they have fixed it. WHAT!?!? This is the highest I can take my Samsung complaint and the best they can do for what I would refer to as a horrendous customer service experience, is advise me to follow up on my phone to a repair depot I didn’t choose?

Eventually after yet another email placed to the Samsung office of the president, and about 2 dozen calls to the repair depot my phone arrived back home with no damage. I read the repair document  on what work was performed on the device and they had only replaced the cellular receiver in the handset and didn’t even bother looking at the battery issue I had from the start of purchasing this phone.

It’s now been about a week or so since my phone has been back in my hands, and yes the phone does receive calls, however the battery is still functioning terribly. Finally I have decided to put this behind me, and promised myself I will never purchase another Samsung device again, when suddenly I receive a call from Samsung to survey me about my latest experience. I must say I was happy to rate everything poorly, and not surprisingly the Samsung survey rep also didn’t speak English well and was hard to understand.

samsung complaintRoughly about 4 hours passed and I received another call from Samsung. This time a “follow up department” asking why my experience was poor, (and yes he also was very hard to understand). He began to ask me why I was not satisfied with the recent service done on the device and I told him my battery issue was never resolved and even worse never looked at according to my paperwork. He then proceeded to ask why I won’t send it out again and at this point my patience was coming to an end. I explained to him what a terrible time I had with Samsung customer service, and that I placed a Samsung complaint to the office of the president, and even after everything I mentioned my battery issue wasn’t even looked at. He then asked why I didn’t use the repair depot only 5 km from my residence.

Have you had a poor experience with Samsung support? Have you made a Samsung complaint? Share your experience with us below.

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