Sheep farts ground plane after setting off smoke alarms

Sheep farts ground plane

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 from Sydney was forced to make an emergency landing after Sheep farts ground plane. The farts of 2,186 sheep on board reportedly set off the smoke alarm.

The Aviation Herald, a site that reports about flight safety, said the cargo flight from Australia to Kuala Lumpur was forced down in Bali on Oct. 26.

The plane made a safe landing and emergency workers searched it for any trace of fire or smoke. None were found.

Instead, they concluded “the smoke indication was identified to be the result of exhaust gasses and manure produced by the sheep,” the site reports.

The stinky cargo was back in the air about three hours later.

Singapore Airlines has since disputed the claim, telling Today newspaper in Singapore the sheep were never found to be the culprits.

The Aviation Herald is sticking by its story, citing emergency services in Bali.

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