The Thorium car: 8 grams of fuel per 100 years

Based on Thorium

It is the car that could very likely outlive its owner. The prototype was developed by a US company called Laser Power Systems. The Thorium car promises to revolutionize the future of transportation. Forget Tesla and electric cars, the Thorium vehicles could be the next best thing. But are we getting close to actually driving one?

The vehicle powered by nuclear thorium lasers, its engine only needs 8 grams of fuel per 100 years. Charles Stevens, CEO and president of the Connecticut-based company said that one gram of thorium produces 7,500gallons (28,000 liters!) of gasoline. It truly is a vehicle that needs a refuel every lifetime. Just imagine that you need to refuel your car once in a lifetime? Based on Thorium, it represent a nearly inexhaustible source of energy for our cars and the solution to virtually every problem of pollution,and the best part it’s not science fiction.

But hold on… would other companies allow such a vehicle to hit the market? It’s very unlikely since as we all know, money rules over people and the entire planet. The Thorium-based vehicle could put an end to Gasoline-based cars, something that could crush the world economy. Thorium is a chemical element with a highly ‘unstable’ nucleus with radioactive properties,which allows it to become a nuclear ‘fuel. This element has been invested and developed not only as a fuel, but thorium could become the next big ‘weapon of mass destruction’. Its potential is nearly inexhaustible. Theoretically speaking, a thorium based engine would have a laser attack a sheet made of thorium,liberating heat which in turn would be converted into energy that could cause the boiling of fluids which in turn would produce vapors which could power the engine generating movement. Researchers believe that an engine operating with thorium could generate around 335 horsepower.

Just imagine what the future would be like having cars that do not pollute the environment, thorium based vehicles that provide nearly unlimited amounts of energy without damage to the environment…



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