The Walking Dead Gearing up for Mid-Season Finale

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Fans of the Walking Dead have been riding an emotional rollercoaster this season.

It really is safe to say that no one is safe on this show. The writers seem to show no mercy for their long-time cast. Recently we saw Glenn, who has been with the show since the start, fall to what seems to be his death and be eaten alive.


Thankfully we find out on tonight’s episode that his isn’t the case and yes he did crawl under the dumpster to avoid the hoard of walkers that are eating Nicholas – not Glenn. Glenn’s character is like a cat – he’s got 9 lives as each season there has been a point where Glenn should have been killed off but manages to escape. I think it’s just a matter of time before he meets his fate – afterall, by the end of this season we’ll finally get to meet Negan and fans of the comic book know that if he’s holding a baseball bat – Glenn time has come.

We have seen the group once again separated, Rick was stuck in an RV surrounded by a herd but last episode he was running back to Alexandria. Hopefully this week we find out how he escaped. Sasha, Abraham and Darryl reunite and are en route back when they pick up a distress call – and no – it’s not Glenn like so many of us though. Norman Reedus confirmed it isn’t Glenn.

While Darryl was on his own he encountered a small group that had escaped from a larger group so we know it’s only a matter of time before these groups find their way to Alexandria.

The news of Maggie’s pregnancy is announced. We knew this had to happen but will she be able to carry the baby to term and can the show support having 2 babies now – don’t forget Judith.

And let’s not forget the giant herd of walkers outside the gates of Alexandria. Last week we saw blood leaking through the walls – foreshadowing that it’s only a matter of time before the walls give way to total walker mayhem.

With only 2 episodes left before the break it looks like a bunch of hell is about to break loose to leave fans speculating until the season picks up again in 2016.


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