U.K. mother makes the holiday spirit go viral with #doorstepchallenge


Caroline Macrory likes to play Santa to more than just her own two children.
he single mother uses the holiday season’s spirit of generosity help people in her life who could use something special and unexpected for Christmas.
Macrory, a charity worker and therapist, bundled together a care package for a friend who had recently lost her father and would be spending the holidays with her kids. She then left the items on the doorstep, knocked the door, and then took off.
She posted about her secret gift on her Facebook page with instructions for the challenge. The post has received over 145,000 likes.
U.K. grocery chain Co-operative Food is echoing Macrory’s sentiment by sending their own little gifts to people who participate in the #doorstepchallenge.
@LeeTheLad Thanks Lee! We love seeing all the pictures from the #doorstepchallenge. DM us your address so we can send you a treat! 🙂
.@CooperativeFood are our #BrandOfTheWeek, taking an alternative approach with their new ad: https://t.co/2QbqwKVD55 pic.twitter.com/HtelFLIa9X
Been inspired by the @CooperativeFood Christmas advert. Just placed a bag of #Coopgoodies on the doorstep of a neighbor. FEELS SO GOOD.
The grocery chain even created an ad promoting the #doorstepchallenge, demonstrating that it only takes a few extra moments of your day to day life to think about what people around you need.

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