Black Friday Shoppers fight On Floor Thanksgiving Sale

Black Friday 2015

Black Friday Shoppers fight

Black Friday has become as synonymous for bargains as brawling, with customers resorting to spatting over sale items.

But dramatic footage has emerged of shocking violence, which broke out at a Kentucky shopping centre, as two men publicly fought over merchandise.

They were captured on camera in the Louisville mall, having a verbal altercation – before embarking on a full-on punch up, as a crowd of shoppers gathered.

The pair can be seen squaring up to each other and sparring, making fists and jabbing the air

They then hit and kick each other, wrestling and rolling on the floor, before one kicks the other in the head.

Panic-stricken spectators shrieked and shouted for them to stop while some jeered and laughed.

Crying is even heard coming from the audience, as police are seen rushing to intervene and break up the scrap.

The person who filmed it wrote: “One of the guys made some rude comments towards another and one said ‘What did you just say to me?’ loudly outside of the store.

“Then one guy proceeded to put his hands up to initiate a fight and it escalated from there.”


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