Woman mauled to death by tiger in China animal park

(CNN)A woman was mauled to death by a Siberian tiger and her female companion was injured while on a safari-style tour in China, state-run media reported Monday.

Part of the horrific attack at the Badaling Wildlife World animal park near Beijing on Saturday was caught on a security camera and provided to CNN by China’s state television station CCTV. The park allows visitors to drive their vehicles through a tiger enclosure.

The video shows a woman get out of the passenger seat of a car and walk over to the driver. As the driver opens his door, the woman is suddenly grabbed from behind by a tiger and forcefully dragged away.
The video shows the driver and a second woman passenger rush to the woman’s aid before a Jeep heads to the scene.
The rest happened off screen, but the state-run Xinhua news agency reported that the second woman was the one mauled to death — by another tiger as she tried to rescue the first woman, who was injured.
Several signs at the park read: “Cherish your life. Never get out of your car.”
Xinhua reported that an investigation into the incident was underway and that the zoo had been temporarily closed.
The Beijing Tourism website says that the park is famous for “raising fierce animals in large groups in open areas” and that it has 10,000 wild animals, including brown bears, Malayan Sun bears, leopards and wild wolves.

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